So this here is the hardest part, because now I need to tell about myself.

Usually I let my pictures do the speaking.


Umm - where to start? I love food, thats obvious. I am curious about people and I like stories and narratives. Beautiful light mesmerizes me and white is a wonderful color to me - even if it isn't a color at all. I am carrying my inner child on my shoulders all the time (so we both can see the world), even if I am a 'hands on' person.

I love what I do and I dislike spiders. Actually, I am becoming a real sissy when I see one crawling within my 7 meter no-spider-comfortzone.



Apart of having worked on several cookbooks these are some of my additional clients:

Tchibo Coffee, Davidoff Coffee, Mc Donalds, Hohes C, Friends of Merkur Magazine, MaG Magazine,

Servus Magazin, Mahlzeit Magazine, Falstaff Junior Magazine, Brandstaetter Publishing House, 
Christian Publishing House, Little Brown Books UK, Knaur Publishing House...